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How to Buy in Bali

The following will help you prepare for your trip to purchase products in Bali. You need to prepare for your trip in advance.

You will want to have a good idea of your purchasing goals. How much do you want to spend, who are your clients, what market do you want to appeal to, what types of products do you want, how much can you sell them for?

It's a good idea is to take a look through our Product Catalogue... Each one is a terrific example of items that are readily available in Bali.

Go into shops, look at catalogs, know what you need to purchase.

Pack Your Suitcase and Your Briefcase!
It is best to bring everything you know you'll need, because you won't necessarily find it in Guadalajara. Bring along your personal items, such as your toiletries, and plan to dress comfortably.

You'll also want to bring a well-stocked briefcase, with general office supplies, such a small stapler,a calculator and blank invoices.

Know the Customs Regulations
Knowing about customs regulations in your own country is always helpful before importing products across the border.

For example, Do you know what kind of packaging is allowed into the US and what will cause your container to be banned from crossing the border?

Balistuffs can help you deal with all these and other issues you will most certainly encounter. Our escorted buying trips will not only ease the entire process, but we will also save you more money than the cost of our escorted services!

Additionally, you may want to sign up for our periodic newsletter, which provides you with lots of information about current deals and products in Bali and tips about purchasing. This is free of charge, so we hope you'll take advantage of it.


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